123HP OJ5220 Mobile Print Setup

123hp oj5220 Mobile Print Setup

123HP Officejet 5220 Setup ePrint, AirPrint, Cloud Print Setup

  • 123HP Officejet 5220 eprint Setup
  • HP Officejet 5220 Airprint setup
  • 123 HP oj5220 Google Cloud Print Setup
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123HP OJ5220 Mobile Print Setup Instrution

To ensure the right us of printer oj5220 Setup eprint Airprint cloud enables the printer to connect to your mobile phone without making use of a wireless router. To make use of this feature:

  1. Download and install HP Officejet 5220 printer software from 123.hp.com.
  2. You may also install as per the instructions provided on the control panel. Choose the connection type as “Through the Network”, “Wireless” or “Network” based on the requirement.
  3. Turn on the HP wireless direct that is available on the printer’s control panel.
  4. Ensure the Wi-Fi radio Connected your mobile.
  5. When the HP Officejet 5220 wireless direct is switched on along with the security to ensure for a secure connection, provide the WPA2 password when you are instructed to provide. Providing the password is important for the setup.
  6. When the WPA2 security password is not provided, the Wi-Fi Direct does not work.
  7. Install HP Officejet 5220 printer software.
  8. The network connection type should be set to ‘Wireless option’.
  9. Select the “Wireless” option as the network connection type.
  10. For connecting to mobile devices, install HP Officejet 5220 Printer plug-in needs.

123HP OJ5220 Mobile Print Solutions

HP ePrint Setup

HP Officejet 5220 ePrint is a cloud-based service that enables you to print from any place which has an active internet connection. You need to email what is required to print directly to the printer.

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HP AirPrint Setup

HP Officejet 5220 Airprintis a mobile printing service and it is used to print wirelessly to a 123 HP Officejet 5220. To Setup HP Airprint for 123.hp.com/oj5220 printer follow this step

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HP Cloud Print Setup

HP oj5220 Cloud Print is a service that enables you to print from any device connected to a network to your printer. For oj5220 Setup cloud follow the following steps

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