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What we are deal with?

123.HP.COM Setup for Deskjet printers guides you with setting up an 123HP dj Printer on a wireless network, Download the HP Deskjet printer’s Driver and Setup Install of HP Deskjet Printers. It provides support all your dj printer issues we listed some of this.

  • Setup the HP Deskjet Printer.
  • Prepare for installation the HP Deskjet driver.
  • Connect the HP Deskjet Printer to a wireless network.
  • Provide assistance to perform a HP Deskjet printer issues.
  • Assistance to HP Deskjet setup in Windows, MAC, and Smartphone.

Before you install the HP Deskjet Printer, collect your network name, password and switch on your HP Deskjet printers , router, and computer. Check that the computer is also connected to the same wireless network as the Deskjet printer. Switch on the Deskjet printer and place it in a nearby range of the router at the time of setup procedure.

On the Deskjet printer’s control panel, press the wireless button and tap on the next button. Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard</eM and press OK. The wizard will list the available networks. Select the name of your wireless network and press OK. When you don’t find your network name, then you enter it manually. Finally, the Deskjet printer connects to the network. When you are prompted for WEP or WPA key, enter it.
Download the current software from our website or in an alternate way, you can even make use of CD for installation. We assist you with installation for the following:

Windows : We provide clear and exact information regarding setup and HP Deskjet printer installation on your computer with Windows OS.
MAC : Our technical expert team will assist you with clear steps for installing in MAC.
Smartphone : We guide you with installation in your smartphone.


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HP Deskjet Printers are a great choice for printing quality documents or photos with great speed. With its compressed design,it can easily fit on a desk or any place according to your convenience. Power conservation is taken care of with its energy star.

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