123HP OJ5220 Google Cloud Print

123hp oj5220 cloud print

123HP Officejet 5220 Printer Google Cloud Print

  • Set up HP Cloud Print on 123HP oj5220 Printer
  • Print form Chrome Book, Android and MAC Devices
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01. Connecting your HP Oj5220 Printer to Colud Print

123HP oj5220 Cloud Print for Android
  • Android gadget having OS 4.4 or later can be utilized with cloud print.
  • 123hp oj5220 cloud print has said here simple advances which can be taken after for associating printer with Google cloud on android gadget.
  • First of all Power on the printer, ensure the ink cartridge is properly installed and you have loaded sufficient papers in its input tray.
  • 123 hp oj5220 and smartphone or another Android device which you are using must be connected using the same network.
  • On your Android device visit Google play store and from there install cloud print plugin.
  • Once you are done with the installation of the plugin then open the settings menu.
  • Search for printing and tap on it. Tap on next to the cloud print option.
  • Tap on cloud print and then on main menu icon. Then proceed to add the printer.
  • Any printer which is present on the network gets recognized by the plugin.
  • Tap on the printer which you are looking for connecting and then tap on OK. Confirm the registration on the control panel of 123 hp oj5220.
Cloud Print for Chrome book
  • Open chrome browser on your Chromebook, and sign in to your Google account.
  • On address bar of browser enter chrome://devices. Google cloud print detects all printers present on the network.
  • If you find your printer listed in New devices then click on register and again click on register to confirm and get the print of confirmation page.
  • If the printer listed in My devices, then the printer alredy registered with Google cloud print. Click on manage to view Google cloud print registered printers.
  • On control panel of 123 hp oj5220 confirm the registration. Once you confirm you will get a print of confirmation page.
  • now consequently your printer can be used with 123HP oj5220 Cloud Print


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02. Print Documents or photos using Cloud Print

Cloud Print Print from Android

  • For printing an image or document which is saved in your Android device, first open it.
  • Tap on the menu icon and then tap on print.
  • Select the printer from the list and if you wish to make any changes in printer settings then do it and then finally tap on print to get the print.
  • For printing and email or webpage from your Android device, you need to first open it.
  • Select on share if you want then tap on print.
  • Make changes in print settings if you want and then tap on print.
  • You can print existing documents and photos in your Google Drive account as well by making use of cloud print service.
  • On your device open the driver app.
  • Open the document or photo which you want to print and then tap on menu icon.
  • Tap on print all and after this select Google cloud print.
  • After making above all changes in your print settings, finally you can tap on print.

123HP oj5220 Cloud Print from you PC

From PC

  • Refer these steps by 123hp oj 5220 google cloud for printing any document or photo which is already saved in your PC.
  • Turn on your PC, open chrome browser on it and using your Google account sign in.
  • Select cloud print then print jobs. Click on print, and for uploading document/photo click on upload file to print. Now select the required document from my computer to upload it.
  • From the window of Google Cloud Print, you can select your printer and also make the necessary changes in the printer settings. Once done with the changes click on print.

From Webpage or Email

  • Similarly For printing any email or webpage from your computer, open chrome browser.
  • Open the email or the webpage which you want to print.
  • On chrome menu icon click and select print from the list.
  • A print window will open, there under Destination click on the change button.
  • In selecting a destination window in Google Cloud Print look for your printers name and select it.
  • Now proceed to make changes in print settings and click on print.
  • Easy steps like these you need to follow if you want to print photos or documents save in Google drive.
  • Open the document and then click on print. Now click on change button found under Destination and then select your printer in Google cloud print.
  • If satisfied with the print settings click on print.

Print from MAC Devices

  • For printing using MAC devices refer to these steps by 123HP OJ5220 Cloud Print
  • Keep ready your Gmail account, while Google cloud print setup. If you do not have an active Gmail account you can create it first.
  • Open chrome browser using your MAC device and proceed to click on menu options. From there select settings and after that advance settings.
  • Under advance settings locate “Google Cloud Print” and select it. A window will open where you can register the 123 hp oj5220 Printer with Google cloud print.
  • If already a Google cloud-enabled device is present you will find it there. Proceed to click on “Add printers”.
  • A new page will open where you can add and select your printer.
  • Click on manage your printer almost the registration done. Here you can see or even make changes in the print queue.
  • After this open chrome browser on MAC device and open document which you want to print. Press the command +P for printing by making use of Google cloud print.
  • One you will enter this command a window will open where you can find printing preferences.
  • Now on your MAC device, go to Google cloud print and then click on print. A pop-up will open where you will get an option to select the required file whose print you want. Select the right file using that option and click on print.

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