123HP OJ5220 ePrint setup

123hp oj5220 ePrint setup

123HP Officejet 5220 Printer ePrint Feature Setup

  • How to set up ePrint on HP officejet 5220 printer?
  • How to use 123HP ePrint?
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123HP oj5220 ePrint Setup Istruction

01. HP ePrint Setup Requirements for your hp oj5220 Printer

HP ePrint is a cloud-based service that enables you to print from any place which has an active internet connection. You need to email the photo or document that is required to print directly to the printer. For 123hp oj5220 eprint setup follow the following points:

  • Ensure that your HP Officejet 5220 printer meets the following requirements to set your printer for HP ePrint. You can check for the HP ePrint logo or icon on 123HP printer’s control panel.
  • Switch on the web services from the control panel.
  • Fetch the e-mail address of HP Officejet 5220 printer on the information sheet.
  • Print using 123HP oj5220 ePrint Setup.

02. Turn on your HP Webservices

When you turn on the web services from HP Officejet 5220 printer’s control panel, it indicates that the printer can communicate across the internet securely there by utilizing the services of 123HP oj5220 ePrint setup. For printers with a touchscreen, follow the following steps:

  • From your HP Officejet 5220 printer’s touchscreen, turn on the web services.
  • Ensure you update 123.hp.com/oj5220 printer firmware when you are prompted.
  • Touch the HP ePrint icon. In case your printer doesn’t have it, then traverse to Web Services Setup, Network Setup, or Wireless Settings for opening the Web Services menu.
  • When you are prompted to setup 123HP oj5220 ePrint, follow the on-screen instructions for the same. Also, press OK if you are prompted to update the firmware.
  • When you receive a pop up stating Web Services Summary, it indicates that the Web Services is on.
  • On the same popup, click on the Print Info to view the information sheet.


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03. Creating your HP Officejet 5220 Printer’s email id

  • first of all you turn on HP Officejet 5220 Web Services, wait for HP printer to print the test page, Get the Most out of Your Printer or Important Printer Setup Instructions page.
  • The information page has information regarding the Web Services which will include the email address of 123.hp.com/setup 5220 printer or the printer claim code.
  • Sometimes, there is a delay in printing the information page. Wait for some time if it still does not print, reset the Web Services to receive a new information page.
  • In case, the page does not have the address, then the claim code with @hpeprint.com is used as the email address. Consequently, you can print from your  Mobile devices

123.hp.com/setup oj5220 eprint

04. Printing With officejet 5220 ePrint

The HP ePrint service handles print jobs from your laptop, computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone by sending documents and photos securely to the printer through email. This is possible as long as you have an active Internet connection and an email account. Before you print, ensure to review the following 123HP oj5220 ePrint setup email requirements are in place:

  • In the To: field, type the your HP Officejet 5220 printer’s email address.
  • Where there are additional email addresses, then do not place them in the same field as the printer’s email address, instead type the email address in the Cc: field.
  • Provide a subject in the subject line. Where the HP Officejet 5220 printer encounters a blank email subject line, the 123HP ePrint server might cancel the print job.
  • The Email subject lines will not print.
  • The total size of the email must be less than or equal to 10 MB, including attachments.
  • There should not be more than 10 attachments per email.
  • The supported document file types – PDF, text (.txt),Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), HTML,Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx), and Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx).
  • The supported photo file types – .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpg, also .tiff.
  • The resolution for photos must be of 00 pixels or higher, horizontal and vertical.
  • HP ePrint does not support digitally signed, encrypted, or password protected documents.
  • Duplex printing not supported by 123HP oj5220 ePrint setup.
  • If you have to print an email attachment, then the email will also have to be printed.

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