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123.hp.com/setup 8725 Wireless

123HP OjPro8725 Wireless Setup Method and Solutions

  • Connect HP Officejet pro 8725 Printer to Wireless
  • 123HP Ojpro8725 Auto Wireless Connect
  • 123.hp.com/setup 8725 Wireless Wizard & HP Wireless Protected Setup
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123 HP OFFICEJET PRO 8725 printer can be successfully connected with the computer over a wireless network without any difficulty. Follow the 123 HP ojpro8725 Wireless Setup Instruction to connect the printer with network

Connect your ojpro8725 Printer to the Wireless Network

  • For 123hp ojpro8725 Wireless Setup first unpack the printer from its box by following all necessary unpacking instructions.
  • Take the power cord of the HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer and connect it with printer and wall socket. Turn on the printer and proceed for installation of print cartridges.
  • Download and install the 123.hp.com/ojpro8725 driver and choose the suitable connection type when asked during its installation.

123.hp.com/setup 8725 auto wireless connect

There are 4 Method to Connecting your Printer and Computer

1. Auto Wireless Connect
2. Wireless Prodected Setup (WPS)
3. Wireless Setup Wizard
4. USB Setup of Wireless

01. HP Officejet pro 8725 Auto Wireless Connect

  • 123.hp Officejet Pro 8725 Wireless Setup is here to guide with complete steps of auto wireless connect. It is an advanced technology which helps to connect the printer with the wireless network without connecting any cables or entering information like network name and password.
  • Not all the systems are compatible to work with 123 hp Officejet Pro 8725 Auto wireless connect. In order to be compatible with auto wireless connect there are some requirements which are mandatory to meet.
  • In your system, there must be windows vista and newer versions of it or MAC OS 10.5 and newer version.
  • Your system must use a 123.hp.com/ojpro8725 wireless connection with your network and the operating system of the system is under control by the wireless adapter. This will make sure that 123 hp software can collect the present network settings of your system.
  • Your router must have a frequency band of 2.4GHz. Make sure you are using the appropriate connection with your system.
  • The system which you are using is required to not make use of any static IP address.
  • When hp ojpro8725 is in 123 hp auto wireless mode it will continue to be in the same mode for at least 2 hours when it is turned on while installation prior to its connection with a network.
  • If you find that hp Officejet Pro 8725 is powered on for more duration than two hours then chances are software has not attempted to connect the printer with the wireless network. Reset network settings from the printer’s control panel in such case.


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02. HP Officejet pro 8725 WPS ( Wireless Prodected Setup )

HP Officejet pro 8725 Printer Wireless Protected Setup has two methods to connect your 123HP Setup Printer devices over a wireless Network connection. They are “push button” Method and “PIN” method. Push button is the easiest method.

  • Here we are discussing to connect hp ojpro8725 using push button method.
  • Consult 123.hp.com’setup 8725 your printer and router manuals to know whether both of them support push-button mode or not.
  • In the wireless router, there must be a pushbutton present.
  • The network must use either WPA or WPA2 security. If no security is used then many of the wireless routers cannot be connected using WPS.
  • A WPS wireless network cannot be connected successfully if in case you use the manufacturers default in the network name.
  • On your hp ojpro8725 printer start WPS pushbutton.
  • After two minutes press the WPS button present in the router.

123-hp-com/ojpro8725 Wireless Protected setup

03. HP OJPRO8725 Wireless Setup Wizard

  • The wireless setup wizard can be run on the control panel of hp ojpro8725 printer. Without touchscreen printer, this is not available.
  • Follow these simple steps of 123HP ojpro8725 Wireless Setup for wireless set up wizard.
  • Before proceeding to next step collect the information of network name and password. ( WEP, WPA).
  • From the 123.hpcom/ojpro8725 printer’s control panel select wireless setup wizard.
  • In the network list select the appropriate network.
  • Add your network manually if it is not listed in the list.

04. HP OJPRO8725 Usb Setup Of Wireless

  • For printer not having a touch display USB set up is used when asked during the 123hp.com setup8725 printer driver installation process.
  • While 123hp.com/ojpro8725 installation process you are required to connect USB cable with system and printer for a temporary basis.
  • It is required that you connect or disconnect USB cable only when it is asked to do by the software.
  • There is a possibility that software automatically finds wireless settings.
  • Proceed and install the suitable printer software for connecting hp 8725 setup printer and router by making use of USB wireless set up.


With uniquely designed layers of support systems, get an effective fixing of printer solutions conveniently.


Any issues, or assistance related to printers hit us with an email for getting the best support.

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Some Queries About 123 HP Officejet pro 8725 Wireless Setup

During HP Officejet Pro 8725 wireless setup often people get stuck at some steps and face difficulty. 123HP ojpro8725 Wireless Setup have made easy answering all frequently asked questions which are of great concern to users.

1. What if hp officejet pro 8725 Wi-Fi Direct setup failed or I can't print?

  • In your hp officejet pro 8725 printers look whether you have enabled wi-fi direct or not. Before connecting the printer with the system, it must be turned on.
  • Make sure you have placed hp ojpro8725 setup printer at a place where it is close to the wireless router and is getting signals from it without any disturbance.
  • Reset the printing environment and also restart your system.
  • Any attached USB cable must be removed as it causes problems during hp.123.install ojpro8725 driver’s installation.
  • Proceed to restore your network settings as default.
  • Go to 123.hp.com to download the required driver from there and install it in your system if you have not installed the suitable 123.hp.com/ojpro 8725 driver in your system already.

2. Where do I get the 'WPS PIN' needed for hp officejet pro 8725 Wi-Fi Direct setup in Windows?

  • When you add a printer process then a WPS PIN is displayed on the control panel of the HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer on a temporary basis. To get the new PIN you have to restart the process of add printer.
  • In the window of Enter WPS PIN for HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer, click on the cancel.
  • Click on start then setting and select printer and scanners.
  • There you need to select add a 123.hp.com ojpro8725 printer and select your printer whose name will start from DIRECT. At last click on Add device.

3. How do I change the Wi-Fi Direct password, login settings, and hp ojpro8725 printer name?

  • In the control panel of hp Officejet Pro 8725 printer, go to the setting of Wi-Fi direct.
  • Check the network with which printer and system are connected. It is necessary that both are connected using the same network.
  • Identify the IP address of your 123 hp printer. With printer without a control panel, you can get it from network configuration page. Printers with touch screens can provide this information in the wireless menu.
  • On your browser enter this IP address of the printer.
  • Proceed further and click on the network then wi-fi direct and finally click on status.
  • On the status screen, click on edit settings for making required changes.

4. Do Chromebooks support Wi-Fi Direct printing ( on officejet pro 8725 ) ?

  • With Chromebook computers, wi-fi direct is not supported. You can make use of cloud print or 123 hp print from you chrome. Below mentioned steps can help you in doing so.
  • Learn about the connection type which your setup hp 8725 printer is using. Printing method varies depending on the connection type (USB or wireless).
  • Determine the type of your printer. It is necessary because the setup and registration steps of the printer with the cloud printer differs on the basis of the printer type.
  • Check, it has a cloud print logo, HP eprint logo. it’s supports 123hp ojpro8725 eprint setup, Cloud print. printer which is not having any of these does not supports both.
  • In order to use 123hp ojpro8725 cloud print, it is required to register officejet pro 8725 printer from Chromebook to the cloud print. To do this you have to register both cloud print ready and hp eprint printer.
  • After successfully completing all the steps you can proceed to print using the Chromebook.

5. What is the difference between ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ and ‘HP wireless direct’ on ojpro8725?

HP Officejet Pro 8725 Wi-fi direct and 123HP ojpro8725 wireless direct both facilitates to establish a connection between system and HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer without making use of a router. Following you can explore some key difference between the both.

  • Using Wi-fi direct you will need a WAP2 password. With HP wireless direct it is not mandatorily required.
  • With wi-fi direct, any wireless device will get automatically detected and connect to the HP Officejet 8725 printer this is not the case with 123hp ojpro8725 wireless direct.
  • A user can do a manual setting with wi-fi direct. With HP wireless direct it is not possible to do the manual setting.
  • The format of the name of HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer which is displayed while printing and connecting differ in both. For wi-fi direct it is DIRECT-xx-HP Officejet pro Pro 8725. For hp wireless direct it is HP-Print-xx-HP Officejet Pro 8725.
  • With both of these, it is not possible to connect the 123 hp 8725 setup printer with the internet by making use of any device.

6. Your hp officejet pro 8725 printer has never worked over the network?

If you find that hp officejet pro 8725 printer is not able to connect with the network because of unsuccessful network installation, then follow these simple below mentioned steps.

  • Turn off 123.hp.com/ojpro8725 printer and router and restart them after waiting for a while.
  • Uninstall the 123.hp.com/setup ojpro8725 driver from your system and after this restart the computer.
  • Proceed to repair system files.
  • You can also download and run print and scan doctor for easily fixing issues which are related to connection and printing errors.