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123 HP ePrint Setup

123 HP ePrint Setup and Solution

  • How to set up ePrint on 123.hp.com printer?
  • How to use 123HP ePrint?
  • If you cant’t setup HP eprint, we will assist you
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01. Check HP ePrint Setup Requirements

  • HP Printer meets certain requirements to configure 123 hp eprint setup.
  • How to print with eprint? it is an easy process but first, you need to make sure that printer is fulfilling all the requirements.
  • Check your printer support 123 HP eprint Setup. Most of the printers released after 2010 supports this feature.
  • Remove any attached USB cable from your printer. It won’t allow printing successfully using 123hp eprint.
  • Confirm that your system connected to the internet via Ethernet or wireless network. Check it has an active internet connection.
  • Also, confirm that your 123 HP printer is well connected with the internet.


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02. Turn on HP Webservices

  • While 123 HP eprint Setup turning on Web Services, ii allow HP printer to communicate with hp eprint.
  • For printers with a touchscreen, you can turn on your hp web services directly.
  • Go to the control panel section on your printer press the icon labeled as Hpeprint. 123.hp.eprint/Setup can be done easily if you follow all the steps carefully.
  • Turn on web services or 123 HP eprint Setup according to control panel of your printer if asked to do so. To complete the process follow all the instructions carefully.
  • For printers without a touch screen embedded web server is used for turning on the web services.
  • Check Printer firmware is updated or not. Proceed to update it if you find it is not updated.
  • To know the IP address of your printer takes a print of network configuration.
  • On your system open the browser and enter this IP address in the address bar and press enter to continue.
  • On EWS page click on the web services and follow the instructions which you get.

03. Creating your HP Printer’s email id

  • Continuing with 123 HP eprint/Setup next you need to get the email id of 123 HP printer.
  • Once you turn on web services wait for 5-10 minutes. HP printer to print Important Printer Setup Instructions page. On this page, you will get complete information regarding web services. it includes your printer email address as well.
  • Learn the email address of your printer before you continue to the next step.
  • If it does not print the page then turn off the web services and turn it on again. There is a delay in printing this page by turning on web services again you can get print of the required page.

123.hp.com/setup eprint


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04. Printing the Document with 123 HP ePrint Setup
  • After completing 123 HP ePrint Setup successfully you can print using this advanced feature. Using a computer, laptop, smartphones you can send document to the printer via email.
  • In your email’s TO field type the email address of your 123hp printer. Make sure you enter only one email id in this field. If you wish to add more recipients then add them in CC field.
  • A blank email has more probability to get rejected by the eprint server. Put some text in the subject line. Do not worry your subject line won’t get print.
  • The size of the email must be less or equal to 10MB including the attachments you are sending. And per email do not include more than 10 attachments.
  • With documents file it supports types like .doc, .docx .txt, pdf, HTML, .ppt, .pptx, .xls and .xlsx. It supports most of the Microsoft word, powerpoint, excels file types.
  • With photo files supported types are .tiff, .png, .gif and some more.
  • Any document which protected cannot be print by using 123 hpeprint. Make sure you do not attach any such type of document for print.
  • Open office files and double-sided printing not supported.
  • Email attachments cannot be print without printing the email along with it.
  • The time stamp which you get from 123 HP ePrint setup server does not tell accurate information about when the print job was actually initiated or printed.

Some FAQ About 123 HP ePrint

All frequently asked questions related by 123 HP ePrint Setup we have answered here. Refer these experts solutions to rectify different errors.

1. HP ePrint Email Job Does Not Print

Step 1: Check whether your printer meets the entire requirement or not.

  • Ensure your printer is in ON state and has good internet connectivity.
  • Check web services is on or not. Every time you use eprint it is must that web services is on.
  • Look whether your printer firmware is update or not. If not then you need to update it.

Step 2: Proceed to check requirements with the print job and email.

  • In order to print using eprint, it is must to you complete all the email requirements.
  • Check you have entered only printers email address in the TO field. Additional recipients you have to mention in CC.
  • An email with no subject line often does not get print. Put some text in the subject line.
  • Make sure you have not attached more than 10 files and size of email as a whole is equal or less than 10 Mb.
  • The file type you are using is support by 123 hpeprint or not. You need to check this as well.

Step 3: If you are still facing the problem then you can follow this step. Check the allowed sender’s list in hp connected.

  • If the email address you are using to send, is not in the list then you need to add it in the list.

Step 4: The last step is to check the error is with your network connection and troubleshoot it.

2. HP Eprint is no longer working

  • Make sure you are not using eprint on USB connection. 123 HP/Setup eprint not support.
  • From “program and features” uninstall 123hp printer.
  • Go to devices and printers, select any of the printers there and you will find some option there on top.
  • Locate print server properties there and click on it. When you will click a pop up will appear, click on drivers tab and proceed to delete all hp printer drivers listed there.
  • After deleting all the possible instance of printer listed in devices and printers, restart your system.
  • After restarted your system, on desktop press win+R, doing so will open a run dialog box, on that box type %temp% and press the enter button to make your command run.
  • It will bring a folder containing some temporary files, delete all the files from it. Because of some reason, there may a possibility that you won’t be able to delete all files but some of them.
  • Restart the system again and download the required version of the printer driver according to the printer model on it again.

3. What if the HP ePrint email I sent to my printer did not print?

  • 123HPsetup eprint has been done and when you send print job nothing happens at all then to troubleshoot this problem you can follow these quick steps.
  • In the TO field of your email make sure you have entered the correct email address of your printer.
  • If you have any additional recipient then kindly mention them in CC. In TO field only printer email address mentioned.
  • In the subject line make sure you have entered some text. A blank subject line may cause trouble while executing the print job.
  • Review all your attachments. They belong to the supported file types by eprint and the size of the mail is not more than 10 Mb.
  • The file which you want to print, must not be encrypted or password protected. 123 hp eprint does not support it.
  • Check for the allowed sender’s list in HP Connected. Go to HP connected sign in then open eprint setting by clicking on settings and get the list of allowed email address.
  • If the email address is not in the list, then add the email address in the list.
  • Check your network connection and troubleshoot if you find any issue with your network connectivity.

4. Who can send HP ePrint jobs to my printer?

To send eprint job to a printer its email address is required. Anyone who knows the email address of your printer can send print jobs to it by making use of email. To prevent any type of authorized print job you can create an HP connected account.
Using this account you can easily manage allowed senders. whose email address is not listed there won’t allowed to send print job instructions to your printer.

5. Can I change the default print settings for an HP ePrint print job?

Although it is generally not possible to change default print setting. On some eligible devices by using HP connected account some of the print settings can be managed.
If you want to make more changes then you have to do it from the printer itself. 123 HP eprint setup is here to guide you with different steps required