123 HP Com OJ4638 Troubleshooting

123 HP oj4638 Troubleshooting

123 HP Officejet 4638 Printer Troubleshooting

  • 123 HP OJ4638 Printer is offline
  • 123 HP OJ4638 Wireless printer not printing
  • Officejet 4638 Driver is unavailable
  • HP oj4638 eprint not Work
  • 123HP Officejet 4638 Printer head problem
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This section of 123.hp.com provides 123 hp Officejet 4638 troubleshooting answers to anyone who comes across. Our technical experts have provided answers to common issues that were a great concern to the customers.

1. Network Scanner Connection Error on oj4638 printer

At times when you try to scan, the scan fails. The following steps will guide you to resolve connection and communication errors related to scanning only.

Step 1 : Restart devices and check the driver scan settings

Restart the printer and computer which can restore the lost scan settings.

  • Turn off HP Officejet 4638 printer.
  • Ensure that 123hp oj4638 printer power cord connects to an electrical outlet.
  • Shut down the computer after closing all the current applications.
  • On the computer and HP Officejet 4638 printer.
  • If HP Officejet 4638 Printer Assistant Opens, click the option Scan a Document or photo or the option Manage Scan to Computer. Click on the checkbox ‘Automatically start scan to computer when I log onto Windows’.
  • Try to scan.

Step 2 : Check the status of the printer and network

  • Ensure that HP Officejet 4638 printer is connected to the network.
  • Ensure the 2.4 GHz router band is enabled and is broadcasting
  • Check on the computer, the network name and the status of the connection in the network icon.
  • Try to scan.

Step 3 : Run HP Officejet 4638 Print and Scan Doctor

  • Check the action list in the Print and Scan Doctor screen.
  • Click on the Test Scan.

Step 4 : Disconnect HP Officejet 4638 printer from the network and uninstall the printer software.

Step 5 : Reinstall 123.hp.com/oj4638 printer software.

Step 6 : Check for the settings of Windows Image Acquisitions.

Step 8 : Disable firewall software temporarily.

2. hp Officejet 4638 Driver is unavailable

The Common 123 HP Officejet 4638 Troubleshooting is HP Driver unavailable, Follow the bellow steps to resolve it

Step 1 : Set the Windows update to automatically download the driver software

  • Open the Windows Device Installation settings. This is available in Windows – change device installation settings.
  • In the Device Installation Settings window, select the Yes option and click the button Save Changes.

Step 2 : Connect your computer to the printer using USB connection, Wi-Fi connection or wired connection to your network.

Step 3 : Install the 123hp Officejet 4638 print driver with Add the Printer Wizard.

  • If you are using a Wireless or wired network connection, click on Devices and Printer in Windows. Click Add a Printer.
  • If your printer is in the list, select it or else click on the ‘Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings’. Follow the instructions and install the print driver.
  • If you are using USB connection follow the same steps and then select ‘Use an existing port (USB001: Virtual printer port for) USB and click Next. Click on the windows update

Step 4 : Print and scan a document.

3. 123HP Officejet 4638 Printer is Offline During Installation

When your 123 HP Officejet 4638 Printer is Offline at the time of installation, perform the following steps:

Step 1 : Make use of HP Print and Scan Doctor to check connectivity

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor and install them.
  • Open them click start and select your 123 HP Officejet 4638 Printer.
  • Click Fix printing.

Step 2 : Reset the print environment

  • Disconnect the power cord from HP Officejet 4638 printer and wall outlet.
  • Wait for a few seconds and connect them back.
  • On the printer.

Step 3 : Set the default printer

  • Go to Windows – Devices and Printers
  • Your printer name icon appears. Right-click on it that is active. Select the option Set as Default Printer.

By this, your HP Officejet 4638 printer goes to online mode. In case if it doesn’t check for these:

  • Connect to a proper wireless network or using a wireless direct connection.
  • Update HP Officejet 4638 printer firmware.
  • Reinstall the software.

4. HP Officejet 4638 printer head problem

When the message of Printhead Problem arises, our 123 hp officejet 4638 Troubleshooting steps to solve it:

Step 1 : Remove the print head, clean it and reinstall it

  • Turn on the printer and open the cartridge access door.
  • Remove the cartridges.
  • Lift the latch handle on the print cartridge.
  • Lift up to remove the printhead and clean it.
  • Clean the electrical contact that is inside the printer.
  • Install the print head after ensuring the latch handle is up and lower it.
  • Close the cartridge access door.

Step 2 : Reset the printer

  • On the printer and wait till the printer is idle and silent.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer and the wall outlet.
  • Wait for few seconds and plug it back.
  • On the printer.

Step 3 : Replace the print head.

Step 4 : Service the printer by contacting 123.hp.com.

5. HP Officejet 4638 AirPrint not working

When you receive a message of HP Officejet 4638 AirPrint not working or found, follow these steps:

  • Move the router close to your HP Officejet 4638 printer. Move ant obstacles that are likely to interfere with the wireless signals. Ensure that your router is set to 2.4 Hz.
  • Restart all devices and ensure that they are on the same network.
  • Update the print firmware. Install the latest HP Officejet 4638 printer firmware
  • Ensure that 123.hp.com/oj4638 AirPrint is enabled by opening the Embedded Web Server (EWS).
  • Ensure that the router can forward Bonjour packets.
  • Try printing from any other device.
  • Reset the 123 HP Officejet 4638 printer by disconnect and connect the power cord from the printer and wall outlet. Wait till the printer is idle and silent till you proceed.

6. HP Officejet 4638 Print not found on Air Print Setup

When the 123 HP Officejet 4638 printer is not available on AirPrint, follow the following steps:

  • Ensure that you are not printing from any public network.
  • Your devices must connect to the same wireless network.
  • Check for the AirPrint settings in your HP Officejet 4638 printer. Verify that AirPrint is enabled. If it is not, then enable it.
  • Switch your device Wi-Fi bandwidth setting.
  • Switch off the Airplane and switch on the Bluetooth mode.
  • Update your DNS setting.
  • Check for the network configuration of your HP Officejet 4638 printer.
  • If a firewall is used, disable it at the time of printing.

7. HP oj4638 ePrint not connecting

When the 123 HP Officejet 4638 printer does not function the ePrint, perform the following steps:

  • Check for the status of HP Officejet 4638 printer. Ensure that it is turned on and connected to the internet. Ensure that the web services are on and the printer firmware is updated. Check with the printer’s control panel if you see and error messages.
  • Ensure that HP Officejet 4638 printer e-mail address is correct in the To field and the subject line has text. Check for the HP ePrint email requirements like the no. of attachments shouldn’t exceed 10; the size of the email should be less than 10MB, and document file types.
  • Ensure that email address you are trying to send is on the Allowed Senders list. This can be checked in My PrintersChange settings.
  • Under ePrint Settings click on the ePrint Access. In the Allowed section you can see the list of email address that is permitted to send the print jobs to your HP Officejet 4638 printer.
  • Troubleshoot your network connection for common issues. In case your HP Officejet 4638 printer is not connected to any active network connection, then the ePrint option does not work.

Any other 123 HP Oj4638 Troubleshooting Issues

From our site you can download and execute the drivers for using the HP Oj4638 printer and also you can get 123 hp Oj4638 Troubleshooting Solution. If you get any any other Issues.